April 17, 2020
The understanding needed to move successfully in both private company boards as well as public company boards really requires a deep understanding of both. Throughout the year of 2016, Robert Bernstock served on a number of private as well as public company boards. To each of these boards he brings his over twenty years of experience in marketing, leadership, and business savvy. Robert Bernstock also has extensive experience working on diverse boards which he brings to success via his oversight management style. He takes great pride in being able to share his experiences for the betterment of other companies and continues to do this today.
October 18, 2019
Robert Bernstock’s extensive experience with corporate strategies and best practices has led to his selection for a number of public and private company boards. That may be because his business career has been marked by leadership roles in many companies. Since his career began in 1992, Robert Bernstock has gained endorsements for his skills in a number of areas, including leadership, strategic planning, negotiation, team building, organizational development, innovation, and change management. He believes that it is critical to always embrace change because that is the best way to make any business more efficient, effective and profitable.

In all, he is closing in on three decades’ experience in business, and it has all come in several industries, Robert Bernstock is well-regarded as an executive officer and/or a director with numerous companies, including some who occupy the Fortune 1000, making them the best in business. His experience includes time as a leader with the largest government agency in the world, the United States Postal Service. He has also been a key decision maker with some of the largest companies in the country.